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No, No and No…Days 175, 176 and 177

27 Jun

Sorry Martha – this just isn’t my week or my month. I don’t even have it in me to be cute this week and try to come up with something for these posts. I just didn’t do them.

Luckily June 25 was blank. So I guess I accomplished nothing and Martha did nothing so we are even.

But on June 26 and June 27 I didn’t weed and harvest strawberries, I didn’t do cardio and core and I didn’t check the beehives and feed the bees. I doubt Martha did any of that either. Pretty certain that other than exercise she just paid some people to do it.

Well I paid some people to fix my car after the car accident this past weekend. I paid some bills and I paid my employees. Does that count?

Sorry guys – I am over this week. I need something to give and it just hasn’t. Call is a bad week or a bad month or whatever but:



Sad about sunflowers…Day 174

24 Jun

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. They are so happy and cheerful. Today I could have used some sunflowers. I am sore from the accident, my car is a wreck (literally), my house is a mess, I haven’t done laundry in so long I am wearing sequined underwear to work today and I am exhausted. All in all I am in need of a little sunshine.

Today Martha’s calendar said to “Plant Sunflowers” and do “Circuit Training”.

Well we did walk for an hour today so that has to count as part of circuit training. And I danced so yay circuit complete.

AND I did it all while sore and achy. At least Martha is motivating.

But alas my sunflowers. None for me. I can’t drive the car to get seeds and figured I should save my favors from my friends for more important things then sunflower seeds. Just a bummer since I was really looking forward to it.

Another day!

Sun Flower Wallpapers 1

Better than an ice cream man…Day 173

24 Jun

I love ice cream. I eat it often. I would be a lot skinnier if I didn’t do that.

But Sunday’s calendar post said, “Make homemade ice creams and sorbets” and because I have the best friend in the entire world and she offered to come over and make it with me, I figured here we go!

Turns out it is super easy to make it!

Ours had three ingredients – whipping cream, powdered sugar and pomegranate blueberry juice. Whipped it all together, froze it and voila – ice cream!

photo (67)

Mixing it up

photo (68)

Whip it good

photo (69)

Frozen goodness!

photo (70)

Roomie and friend Mark enjoying a homemade (and healthy!) ice cream sandwich



Fail of a day…172

24 Jun

On Saturday June 22 Martha’s calendar said, “Horseback Ride” and “Attend Caramoor Center Opening Night Gala with Jim Attwood in Katonah, NY”.

We all know I didn’t go horseback riding. One of these days I will. Shoot I have a birthday coming up so now you all know what to buy me – a horse back ride.

As for the gala – wasn’t even going to attempt this one. Why? Because while Martha was being all fancy pants, I got to relive my teenybopper days at the Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block Concert. Awwww yeah – Motown Philly, Because of You, Hanging Tough, Step by Step – awesome.

Awesome until I got into a car accident on the way home. First one in 32 years and while my car is in bad shape, I am not so all in all it could have been worse. That is life I suppose – the ups and downs, etc , etc, yada, yada, yada.

Here’s hoping the end of Martha’s night was better than mine!


Who knew dinner could be racist…Day 171

22 Jun

Friday, June 21 Martha’s calendar said, “SUMMER BEGINS” and “Strength Training” AND “Attend Bedford Historical Society’s Annual White Dinner”.

Let’s make this simple:

Yay Summer!

Strength training – didn’t do it. You know I danced though. Daily these days so plenty of cardio!

And finally a white dinner. Well my roommate is Filipino so dinner is always officially an off-white here in my house lol. I am kidding of course but I don’t actually know what a white dinner is. ARE all the guests white? Is all the food white? What the heck could you serve after you put out egg whites and cauliflower?

Doesn’t matter because Thursday was WHITE HOT anyways here in South Florida winners of game 7 of the NBA Finals!



OMG, Geeking out today…Day 170

20 Jun

Today Martha’s calendar said “Host Alt Summit at our offices in New York City (www.altitudesummit.com)”.

I didn’t host a summit. Shoot I barely left my house today. But I DID talk to Martha Stewart!!!!

My friend tweeted to me this morning (@MyMarthaLife) to let me know that Martha was taking call-in questions on her radio show! So I called in and I got through!!

We talked about gardening and I even mentioned the blog! Seriously that may be the closest I ever get to Martha so I pretty much hung up and did a happy dance and geeked out a little.

It was a good day.



Woo Hoo Larry!…Day 169

20 Jun

Wednesday June 19 was more “Cardio and Core” for Martha and more dancing for me. Nothing new there.

But guess what? It is also Larry Shires Birthday!

Who is Larry Shire? He is Martha’s attorney! Ah yes, this man deserves a good birthday and some wonderful birthday wishes.


Make me something…Day 168

20 Jun

Tuesday June 18, Martha’s calendar said, “Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids¬†on sale”.


Awesome. I love crafting. And all of the crafts are adorable. I mean just precious. Some of my favorites:

Felted puppets - so sweet!

Felted puppets – so sweet!

DIY snowglobes are a fun idea for a crafting day (can be adapted as a fun project for adults too)

DIY snowglobes are a fun idea for a crafting day (can be adapted as a fun project for adults too)

Horse diorama  - great idea for a fun toy display!

Horse diorama – great idea for a fun toy display!

And finally – Martha’s Origami Finger Puppets


And my Origami Finger Puppet

photo (57)





We are so different…Days 165-167

17 Jun

Martha, this weekend truly shows how different we are. Believe me, I would love to have been in the Hamptons with you, but aside from a quick trip there a while back with the boyfriend’s family, I am pretty much outside the Hamptons circle of cool.

The last three days show how very different we are. Not a bad thing. I think you’d actually quite enjoy living my life for a week Martha. After I live yours for a year I hope you’re willing to give it a try for even a day!

Saturday June 15

Martha did circuit training. I did choreography for 16 dances for summer camp.

Martha went to East Hampton for a picnic with her family. I went to Hollywood Beach and ate McDonald’s in the sand with my friends.

Martha wins. (Yes folks, I realize it is not a competition, but I don’t care. She still wins on this one!)

Sunday June 16

Father’s Day

I am not sure what Martha did for Father’s Day. I do know that I saw my stepdad and my real dad and had quite the enjoyable day with my family.

It was also Martha’s niece Erica Scott’s birthday. No one I know had a birthday on Sunday so no b’day celebration here. However, I hope Erica’s day was fantastic!


Monday June 17

Martha is circuit training again today. I am dancing. At least 3 hours of it. More fun than circuit training and it burns more calories too.

Ok I am making that up. But it makes me feel better to think that dancing is comparable to a gym workout!

Also on today’s calendar it says “Scrub outdoor grills”.

Pretty certain Martha isn’t out there with a grill brush scraping off old, decayed pieces of hamburgers and hot dogs. Someone cleans that grill for her. And luckily, since the only grill I have is located at the community pool, someone else cleans my grill too.

But for those of you who DO have to clean your own, here is a helpful hint. Enjoy!



Making it on my own…Day 164

15 Jun

Friday June 14 was Flag Day and Martha not only did strength training but she made flags with her grandchildren Jude and Truman.

I did 6 hours worth of dancing at the musical theater class I am teaching this summer so while I may not be strength training my heart rate was definitely up.

But making flags. Not something we would be doing in a drama class so I couldn’t work it into the lesson plan. And weirdly enough all of my friends with kids were out of town this weekend leaving me without opc’s to craft with (other people’s children).

Instead I had a glass of wine and made a flag on my own. Good times.

Happy Belated Flag Day!

photo (54)


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